A Play-by-post RPG


Please refer to these before making any posts.
oh also, when making an account, please submit a character within the joinings within a week so I know you actually intend to post on paean. thank you.
1. Please do not harass or bully any user, for any reason whatsoever. We have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.
1.5. Although vulgar language is allowed in roleplay, it should not be used negatively towards other users. 
2. There is to be no illegal, explicit or otherwise inappropriate material posted on Paean. This site is used by minors. 
3. Do not spam or advertise anywhere on the boards that aren't marked for this purpose. There are threads for advertisement; please just post there.
3.5. Don't post for the sake of posting; your responses must have at least some purpose.
4. All responses to the Main Game's threads are suggested to be at least 3 lines long. And by lines, we mean lines, not sentences.
4.5 As well as having something of substance  in replies, please do not powerplay, metagame or godmod. 
4.25. If you fail to follow these, you'll get a strike! 3, and you're out. 
5. Please notify staff if you're going into inactivity! If you cannot, simply post about your hiatus on your status so we know.
5.5. In the case of unexplained absences, your account will be deleted. It's not you, it's us.
6. Don't create threads simply to create attention or sympathy. If you need to talk/vent to someone, take it to PMs.
7. All forms of plagiarism will be taken seriously. Do not steal other people's work.
8. Please do not post any personal information on these boards- don't dox yourself or others on Paean.
9. Don't post images on the site.. It uses up bandwidth and usually results in the site being frozen.
10. Don't bump old posts or topics. It's a waste of space; if it's over a month old, don't do it.
11. Signatures should not exceed 20 lines. Just keep it simple, and to the point.
12. Keep pelt colours and names realistic. You wouldn't expect to see a purple cat in real life, would you?
12.5. For that matter: no Mary-Sues. If you don't know what this is, it's a character with no flaws, whether they be emotional or physical. We don't do that here. It ruins a good potential for story.